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Getting started with your BoltRing

To use your BoltRing you must pair it with a compatible Wallet and Bolt Card service. The service is then responsible for verifying and processing the unique payment URLs generated by your BoltRing according to the configured payment rules.

As always, with Bitcoin, there are different options for setting up, operating, or using a Bolt Card service for your BoltRing, with varying features and tradeoffs.

Backup your Keys

You need keys to re-configure your BoltRing. Without keys you cannot reset or re-configure your device!

Keys are initialy set to ZERO at factory settings unless you bought a pre-configured BoltRing. For pre-configured BoltRings the keys are printed as QR code on the enclosed leaflet.

After you re-configured your BoltRing you will need the newly set keys for any further re-configuration (the original keys will not work anymore).

BoltRing Pairing Options

Wallet/Service Custodial Open Source Exchange Difficulty
CoinCorner Yes No Yes Easy
Bolt Card Wallet Yes/No Yes No Easy
LNbits Yes/No Yes No Advanced


CoinCorner Icon

For non-technical folks and iPhone users, CoinCorner is probably the easiest way to get started. CoinCorner launched the Bolt Card in May 2022. They offer many Bitcoin-related services for users and merchants, including a custodial lightning wallet and fiat exchange services.


Before creating an account with CoinCorner, make sure their service is available in your country

If you sign up with CoinCorner, you can easily pair your BoltRing with their mobile lightning wallet using any NFC-capable iPhone or Android device. The pairing procedure is the same as with the Bolt Card. Use our referral link to sign up:

Go with CoinCorner

Bolt Card Wallet

Bolt Card Icon

Another option is the Bolt Card Wallet for Android or iOS which is a modified version of Bluewallet. The app is open source and allows you to connect your BoltRing with a Bolt Card Hub Service that you can run yourself. You may also use a public instance (custodial) of the Bolt Card Hub.

Install Bolt Card Wallet


LNbits Icon

LNbits is a free, open-source lightning account system with many features, including a Bolt Card extension. You can use a hosted LNbits service or, provided that you have the necessary technical skills, install and operate your own LNbits service.

LNbits Setup Guide